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Embroidered Hand Sanitizer Holder.

Embroidered Hand Sanitizer Holder.

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Hand Sanitizer Holder, Hand Sanitizer Case, Hand Sanitizer Keychain, Pocketbac Holder, Pocketbac Case, Bath Body Works Hand Sanitizer Holder, 1 oz Hand Sanitizer Holder/ Case

If you are someone who is always struggling to look for the hand sanitizer bottle while worrying that you could spread bacteria inside your purse or backpack, this product is for you.

It is a cute holder that can be attached to your purse or keychain to prevent bacteria spreading and give you peace of mind.
This cute little accessory also adds to your personality and make it more fun and excited (at least that how I feel 😉)

At this time, I have these hardware options: black , silver.

If you want to customize it with different vinyl colors, please contact me. I will happily discuss it with you if it is possible.

The hand sanitizer bottle is not included.

If you would like a different combination of fabrics than what I have shown, please message me and I will be happy to combine the colour selections of your choice if available. Should you need a quantity that is not listed, please also message me and I will be happy to try and work out your request! 

Disclaimer: Items are hand made and have slight variations and natural flaws.  All items are made and sold by Kewl Creations by Julie only, with no affiliation or representation of any other company. These are not licensed products. All photos & items provided are the sole interpretation/creation of the maker & in no way represents any affiliation or sponsorship by any company. Any name/character references maintain the copyright of their original, respective owners. I do not claim ownership of these references. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you!

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