Such a fun little, somewhat quick project.

Such a fun little, somewhat quick project.

Yesterday was a fun, I need to craft, kinda day. The good news was I had a special request. A mini backpack, with dinosaurs for a 2 year old.

Well, now that was great because... I am shopping for a requested fabric, knowing that it will not sit in my drawer for me to find a way to use it, and I knew which pattern I wanted to tweak to make it work.

Squeeeeeeeal! It event looked great on mom ;) 

It all started with this...

Let me introduce the lindsports mini backpack minus all the fancy steps, lol! I changed the back pocket and put one in the front instead, kept the interior as is and removed all the rivets and "optional options".

End results and inside...

Come back this week as I will be sharing pictures of items still available and hopefully will find time to make more fun stuff for my upcoming (and probably last) craft show of 2023 in Riverside park in Guelph on November 25th.

Hugs and stitches,



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