Ooh!  It's here 🙂 future sewing space for my kewl creations !

Ooh! It's here 🙂 future sewing space for my kewl creations !

I loved my first visit in daylight. This space will be just wow!!!!

Now I just need to be patient as we start upgrading it to be warm, leakproof and have power ! 

May 27th, it arrived. 

June 4th and 5th.

While I was at work, Hubby rented a trench digger type of machine and was able to bring power from the house to my "future Oasis".... 

We have made a lot of progress since late May. Hubby is amazing. Now, if only the weather could cooperate to allow us to paint the exterior, that would be AWESOME! (yes I am excited, lol!)

Here is a sneak peek at the colour I chose. We are also taking this opportunity to upgrade, fix and refresh the other shed.... 

Until we can paint without making a mess,  I am adding to my amazon wish list a gazillion nik-naks to furnish the inside....

I got so excited that I have already purchased the heater, air conditioning unit, cutting table, brakets for an expandable shelf, a mirror and a small (very cute) chandelier. One of the wall will be finished off with repurposed pallet wood. that has also been cleaned and cut to size.

June 16. 

Since weather was "Uncertain" - (Lots of clouds, rain and thunderstorm in the forecast) he went to the "I lost my husband store", hahaha and purchased the supplies to weatherproof my double doors... now it has no room for wind, bugs and other unknowns to come in ;) In the end, I think he likes spending other people's money - I mean, who wouldn't! 

June 17.

Got a quote for the spray foam insulation.... might have to wait for a few more pay checks to cover the cost since I have yet to add my available products to my store... I am still sewing and experimenting tons tho!... I just haven't been very "Social Media Active"

June 18.

I have to go pick up a desk that I found on marketplace ...

I might start moving stuff in before the interior is finished! This way, I might know when to stop, lol! I am not going to lie..... I am beyond excited.

I have a lot ( and I mean a whole lot) of ideas that I can't wait to put together....  am keeping motivated! I am still practicing new techniques, hacks, taking notes, etc.

If all goes well, the plan is to allow me to keep doing what I love without spending money and allowing people to enjoy my creations!...

Talk soon!

Hugs and stitches! ;)


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