It is done....And I am all moved in. Woot-woot!

It is done....And I am all moved in. Woot-woot!

This has been a lengthy process but oh so worth it.  I am finally able to start sewing/crafting again.  Boy, oh-boy did I miss this :)

Now, I have to get into the routine of sharing my completed projects too and start posting them onto my store to sale or I will end up running out of room again ,lol!

These little cuties are not perfect as I am tweaking them to make them more "sturdy" and get them to keep their shapes better when weight (a.k.a. my wallet) is added to them. 

So, because of this reason, I will add these "1st drafts bags" to my oopsies section :)

Looking at them, it's hard to believe that it only too my 6 hours to make each of them. Hopefully, I will find quicker ways to assemble them in a near future ;)

OK now, enough with the words.... time for pictures.

This is the inside of the she-Shed.....Isn't it just amazingly inviting!? <3 

Until next time,

Hugs and Stitches,





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